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My name is Anna Rusin

I am a textile engineer

I am a manager

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My whole life is dedicated to solving problems and fulfilling the needs of my clients. I combine my passion for textiles, management and selling. I help my clients develop a new range of products on their existing production machinery and tooling, and can advise on the purchase of new machinery when required. I am also able to help source suitable factories for production.

I never leave my clients alone with their problems and doubts. Thanks to my technical education, analytical skills and corporate experience, I am able to tailor solutions to a diverse range of company scenarios. I also specialise in restructuring and support for manufacturing companies, audit preparation, strategies and development plans. To give my clients additional support I have post-graduate qualifications in Mediation.

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Anna Rusin

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My clients love my calm rational style of working which allows them be successful without stress and chasing, making their lives easier all round. Don’t wait, contact me now!

Why am I different?

I put my clients first. I work with passion. I share my knowledge, energy and faith to ensure that their project with me as a leader will be a success. I never promise the impossible and I never hide the truth – ethics and transparency in the partnership are for me the very foundations of good cooperation. I am highly educated, intelligent, communicative and I am not afraid to take on heavy challenges. I have a lot of experience in recovering from 'no way out' situations because I believe that all challenges are surmountable.

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My Skills

I specialise in restructuring, support, strategy and development plans for manufacturing companies. For the majority of my working life, I have been connected with the textile industry, not only in production, but also in creating new product lines and launching marketing strategies, branding and sales.




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